The aim of TaleMate, as a cutting-edge software company, is to allow everybody to link and control a multitude of high-tech assets in both reality and virtually, creating and recreating processes, automations and events. To that goal TaleMate has developed zbos, a fully integrated multifunctional no-code software platform to connect and guide robotics, IoT and metaverse in both the real and virtual world.

TaleMate emerged in 2023 from the foundations laid by Zorabots, a Belgian-based company established in 2011 by co-CEO’s Tommy Deblieck and Fabrice Goffin. Zorabots began with a focus on robotics, evolving through extensive research and development into the high-tech software sphere, culminating in the birth of TaleMate. Presently, TaleMate is dedicated to developing advanced new functionalities within its software platform, solidifying its role as a prominent player in the high-tech software industry, both today and in the future.

The founders

Fabrice Goffin​

After graduating from Antwerp University, Fabrice became, at the age of 24, the youngest director within the World Trade Centre Association. With him the slightest opportunity can become a business, so in 2001 he shifted his focus to the world of art, managing up to 5 galleries. After meeting Tommy, and bonding over their shared passion for ‘Star Wars’, a new challenge presented itself. The vision to create a robot to improve people’s lives led to the co-founding of Zorabots in 2011. Fabrice, as a skilled and experienced entrepreneur, steered the company, together with Tommy, towards new markets and opportunities. This expansion led to the founding of a new company Talemate, focussed entirely on the business and technological development of the zbos software platform.

We provide businesses worldwide with an advanced technological solution to excel in the modern era of digital innovation.

The founders

Tommy Deblieck

Already at the young age of 18, fuelled by his passion for technology, Tommy founded his first company in the computer industry. As a skilled digital creative, he refined his expertise in IT consultancy before crossing paths with Fabrice. Bonding over their shared love for Star Wars and surrealistic art, they conceived the dream to create a multifunctional robot. In 2011, they transformed this dream into reality by co-founding Zorabots. Within the company Tommy combined his technological expertise with an innovative vision on technology to create the zbos software platform. Realising the potential of the platform Tommy and Fabrice decided to found a new company, Talemate, to further expand and develop this multifunctional no-code software platform. 

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