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Talemate’s zbos software platform stands as a dynamic, forward-thinking solution applicable across diverse sectors of the economy. Its expansive suite of services spans IoT smart devices, robotics, and the metaverse. Primarily catering to B2B clientele, Talemate’s services involve integrators leveraging zbos to streamline and automate production processes, resulting in cost reductions. Alternatively, businesses utilize the platform to establish their own virtual worlds for marketing, training, and testing purposes. zbos’s global deployment is underway, with partnerships spanning Europe, Asia, and North America. The platform proves invaluable to a wide spectrum of companies seeking innovation and readiness for the future.

Within zbos, users craft intricate compositions using a unique set of building blocks, steering over 2,000 brands of smart devices and robotics to seamlessly interact and connect as needed. These composed actions can manifest in the physical, virtual, or interconnected realms, all achievable without any prerequisite technical expertise due to its user-friendly no-code system. Any composition, creating a process or an automation, can be easily modified to changed circumstances whenever required.

GoVirtual Metaverse

create your own virtual world

Metaverse, the virtual world, is the inevitable evolution of the internet. A virtual realm where people can work, learn, shop, play and interact with each other safely from the comfort of their home. Real life avatars offer a unique experience and possibilities in the zbos GoVirtual. Any business can create and adapt an own virtual world, as an augmented reality or a digital twin of the real world for testing and training possibilities or as a marketing asset.

The zbos platform controlling, guiding and linking IoT, robotics and metaverse.


Navigate any robot real and virtually

Robotics are an essential technological asset in production processes or advanced environment. They support human actions and fulfil automated tasks. The zbos software platform is compatible with all kinds of robots from all kinds of brands, going from automatic wheelchairs to co-bots, allowing any user, with the no-code system, to control and steer any robot to preform the desired task.

IoT Smart Devices

Control your smart environment

IoT, the Internet of Things, is the collective network of connected devices and the technology that facilitates communication between those devices amongst themselves and with the cloud. With zbos any smart – IoT – environment can be steered and controlled as desired. With a composition of building blocks, the no-code system, any trigger can be set to put a process in motion or any reaction, or chain of reactions, on a change in environment can be established.

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Metaverse avatars
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