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The aim of talemate, as a cutting-edge software company, is to allow everybody to link and control a multitude of high-tech assets in both reality and virtually, creating and recreating processes, automations and events. To that goal TaleMate has developed zbos, a fully integrated multifunctional no-code software platform to connect and guide robotics, IoT and metaverse in both the real and virtual world.


Create, guide and control your own virtual world populated with your scanned avatar and that of your clients. Integrate robotics and IoT, functioning in the real world, in your metaverse.

We can recreate your showroom in the virtual world to allow your clients to explore and test your product. Discover more cases and examples  >

IoT- Smart Devices

Connect +10 million smart devices from over 2.000 brands to operate independent in collaboration with each other.

With zbos you can optimize your energy use by connecting all your devices with your solar panels or following your opening hours. Discover more cases and examples  >


Guide and control any robot to act, react and complete complex tasks as you desire.

Use our robotic wheelchair to transport your clients to any location desired or receive clients at your reception with your own robotics. Discover more case and examples  >

Connect, create and combine using our fully no-code zbos platform: a unique system of building blocks anyone can use, even without technical skills.

We have the solution

The zbos no-code software platform

Businesses worldwide grapple with a fundamental challenge: streamlining through automation. Integrating existing smart technologies and robotics into processes and testing those processes virtually is pivotal, but it’s no walk in the park. Most companies lack the expertise to do it themselves, and the scarcity of skilled programmers further compounds the problem. In addition, missing out on the technological developments of the virtual world could set businesses back for years. In-house solutions for automation and digital twin challenges demand extensive R&D and testing phases before implementation, making the process daunting, time-consuming and expensive.

The zbos software platform is the answer, linking and controlling metaverse, IoT and robotics with a ‘no-code’ system: a unique environment of building blocks with which anyone, even without technical knowledge, can work. The platform is MQTT-compatible following the IoT industry standard, and its open API enables integration with other software. With zbos any user can create virtual worlds where scanned individuals can interact as avatars. The IoT smart devices and robotics can be linked and combined in both the real and the created virtual world, as a digital twin, and as such the zbos software platform can automate entire projects, enabling processes to be completed up to 20 times faster.